What am I downloading?

A “simfile”, short for “simulation file”, refers to one or more sequences of arrow cues arranged to a specific piece of music. The music track and its “charts” are distributed together as a unit that can be loaded onto any StepMania player’s machine.

Simfiles are often grouped into “simfile packs”, related perhaps by origin of the music, author a.k.a. “stepchartist”, common interest, or play style.

There are a variety of charting styles you may hear about:

  • “Pad” charts are designed to be played with two feet on a dance stage, as opposed to “keyboard” charts which are designed for hand play.
    • Among keyboard charts, there are “index” charts, where the player imitates two feet by using only two fingers; and “spread” or “mania” charts, where the player may use any number of fingers.
  • “DDR style” charts emulate the feel of official DDR.
  • “Tech” charts emphasize timing or pattern interest. (The ITC primarily focuses on this style.)
  • “Stamina” charts are centered around the endurance aspect of surviving until the end of the song.
  • “Tech-stam” or “Stam-tech” folds together endurance and complexity.

Simfile catalogs

These sites provide links to many simfile packs at a glance.

  • stepmaniaonline.net: https://search.stepmaniaonline.net/
    • Huge database of simfile packs, searchable by song title, song artist, or pack title
    • All-inclusive, doesn’t distinguish by charting style unless the author indicated it in the pack name
  • itgpacks.com: http://itgpacks.com
    • Huge database of simfile packs collated into a Google Sheets document
    • Sorted by year of release, charting style, stepchartist, level range
    • Includes a “Beginner Packs” page that specifically lists packs with a rich representation of lower difficulties
    • Includes a “Tournament Packs” page that lists collections of simfiles used for competitive events

Recommended by the ITC

List of high-quality packs that the ITC community often refers to as examples of “tech” or “tech-stam” charts.

  • 5guys1pack & 7guys1pack
  • BemaniBeats 6
  • Club Fantastic Seasons 1 & 2
  • dimocracy